In the United States, hundreds of thousands of patients receive some form of surgical mesh. One of the common forms of this mesh is for a hernia. If you were treated for a hernia, it’s more than likely that your surgeon made use of surgical mesh. But there is one sobering reality about this medical device:

Hernia surgical mesh is sometimes a mistake.

All too frequently, patients that had no need of surgical mesh receive it after being treated for a hernia. The consequences of this are vast. First and foremost, having mesh put into your body unnecessarily is a lot of money wasted. Surgery is already expensive, and surgical mesh just adds to that enormous sum. And secondly, surgical mesh can hurt your body when it’s not administered in the correct context. Specifically, a certain type of mesh administered a few years ago has been called out for its negative effects on patients. It was recalled after being proven dangerous to organs and internal body functions, but many people still have it in their body today, unaware of the fact that it is dangerous and recalled. This can cause a myriad of health issues, including chronic pain and reduced organ function.

So why suffer for the rest of your life because of one doctor or surgeon’s costly mistake? Why drain your pocketbook for a surgical expense that wasn’t necessary? If you find yourself frustrated by your accidental hernia surgical mesh, don’t keep living in your pain. Instead, contact us. Our experienced staff will be able to help you resolve your problems efficiently and professionally.

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