Hundreds of thousands of hernia surgeries are performed in the United States each year. Many of these operations go off without a hitch. They are usually performed as same day surgery as many of these procedures are done laparoscopically. Most patients return to work with limited restrictions within days. Some are not so lucky.

Thousands of people have problems with their hernia repair. Many surgical mesh implants cause many issues for the recipients. Many have implants that were later recalled.

The many problems associated with surgical mesh include the need for multiple surgeries to remove the mesh, infection, pain, difficulty with digestion and urination, sexual side effects, and many more. The difficulties some patients can take years to resolve. These symptoms often require the victims to miss hundreds of hours of work. This has a severe consequence of significant loss of income. The potential for years of disability is real for many.

Suffering the ill effects of an improperly applied mesh or severe complications from the surgery or the mesh is not the only challenge to endure. Most of the severest complications can cause job loss. Employers are also impacted by this. Employees take a few days off for hernia repair and may be out of work intermittently for months or worse – permanently.  The loss of productivity in the workforce can be devastating to the employee and the company they work for. Self-employed individuals may never recover financially. The impact of many of these surgeries is huge and those impacted needs and deserve help and compensation for their losses.

Contact our experienced law firm for help recovering lost income and productivity if you are a victim of a problem hernia repair.

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