The Law Offices of Jonathan Kline P.A. are committed to protecting your future. We support homeowners and borrowers by putting an aggressive plan into action. We utilize proven foreclosure defense techniques which will shift the balance back in your favor. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your personal home or a business of any size.

Jonathan Kline, P.A. has vast experience in Florida Real Estate Law and focuses on helping those in need with navigating the mortgage foreclosure process. At both the state and federal level, we represent borrowers and help them get back to a level playing field. We have been recognized in the South Florida area as one of the most proven legal teams for delivering successful foreclosure defenses time and time again. Our legal team is highly respected throughout the Florida legal community, holding distinguished memberships and board positions for a number of associations.

Foreclosure Lawyer Miami

Let Jonathan Kline, P.A. Guide You And Prepare A Proactive Plan Based On Your Goals.

Foreclosure Lawyer Miami

Is your home in jeopardy to a foreclosure or maybe you are already in the midst of a foreclosure? Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to defend the foreclosure themselves or do nothing at all. Both of these choices are destined to fail and that is why you should always contact a foreclosure attorney immediately. Successful navigation of the foreclosure process is like a game of chess. The banks and insurance companies will implement tactics that are designed to slow you down and rob you of your rights. Making the right moves at the right time is critical to getting a positive outcome for your foreclosure defense.

Let the Law Offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., and its team of foreclosure experts support you during your foreclosure defense. We fully comprehend how devastating just the thought alone of losing your home might be to you and your family. No matter how far along the foreclosure timeline you might be mired in, we will take aggressive actions to halt the foreclosure process and restore the protection of your rights.

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In most foreclosure cases, the banks are generally not open to a loan modification or renegotiating your loan because they must follow strict guidelines that are meant to only benefit them while robbing you of your due rights. It is widely known in the lending industry that they purposely utilize schemes and maneuvers that are clearly constructed and intended to slow you down. Common tactics include requesting the same paperwork over and over again with zero intention of offering any type of modification or relief until it is far too late. A great foreclosure lawyer will know how to negate these orchestrated efforts by the lending institutions and swing the pendulum back in your favor.

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Foreclosure Lawyer Miami

The Law Offices of Jonathan Kline P.A. has the resources and experience it takes to STOP the Foreclosure Now‎ and save your home.

Our foreclosure team will thoroughly examine all avenues available to your foreclosure defense. Finding the proper legal remedy for your foreclosure situation is paramount and doing so in a timely manner is equally important for successfully defending your foreclosure.

In addition to saving your home from foreclosure we will force the banks to stop using their deceptive and unfair trade practices and coerce your lending institution into following the current consumer protection guidelines. Modifying and restructuring your loan so that it is more feasible to keep your home. Quite a few of the larger lending institutions were known to regularly make errors on the paperwork or altogether lose the paperwork allowing for a foreclosure case to be dismissed. We will delve into every nook and cranny to save your home including other options.

  • Aggressively Defend your Foreclosure action
  • Reduce the principal balance of your loan
  • Renegotiate your interest rate
  • Refinance your commercial or residential property at a fair rate
  • Sell your commercial or residential property for a fair price through the Short Sale process
  • Negotiate a work-out with the Lender through a Loan Modification

The foreclosure process adheres to a strict timeline that is extremely time sensitive. As soon as you are served with a foreclosure complaint, you are only allotted so much time to file a legal response. Not meeting key milestones on the foreclosure timeline will harshly affect your abilities to properly defend and fight for your home all during the foreclosure proceedings. We cannot stress again how important it is to have legal counsel adhering to the foreclosure timeline.

Time is of the essence and we cannot stress enough how vital it is to contact a foreclosure defense attorney to help protect and preserve your rights.

Facing Foreclosure? We Can Help.

Foreclosure Lawyer Miami

Florida Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline 

Here is a best case scenario timeline of the mortgage foreclosure proceedings for lenders, banks, and financial institutions in Florida:

Judicial Foreclosure Days Days for Each Step Total Days
File Received 1 1
Receive Title Work 4 5
Examine Title Work 2 7
Complaint Filed 3 10
Service of Process Completed on All Defendants 25 35
Send Client Affidavit of Amount Due 5 40
Receive Affidavit of Amount Due 15 55
File Motion for Judgment 10 65
Judgment Entered and Sale Set at Hearing 35 100
Advertising Complete 28 128
Receive Bid from Client 2 130
Sale Held 5 135
Certificate of Title Issued 15 150

This timeline is optimum and assumes no delays. It is based upon an uncontested foreclosure action that is referred with all necessary documents and with all necessary assignments previously recorded.

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No borrower or homeowner should endure foreclosure proceedings without the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer. At the law offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., we will help you through the process and respond as quickly as possible. Serving borrowers and homeowners throughout Florida, we are open during weekly business hours. Contact us today for more information about our mortgage foreclosure defense work. Foreclosure Lawyer Miami FL

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