The foreclosure process can by complicated and confusing. According to David Gongora, if you’re in need of foreclosure defense services, before you can plan your foreclosure defense, it’s important to understand what the foreclosure process in Florida looks like.

Here’s a guide to the foreclosure process in Florida:

  1.  Missed Payments: You usually have a ten to fifteen day grace period after your mortgage payment is due before a late fee is charged. If your payment becomes more than 30 days overdue, a loan servicer will contact you to try to collect the mortgage payment. You will have the opportunity to discuss your option. You may be able to explain any mitigating circumstances and develop a plan to avoid foreclosure. However, if you are unable to become current on your payments within 120 days, the loan servicer will file a case in Florida state court to begin the foreclosure proceedings.
  2. Legal Process: If you receive a breach letter, the foreclosure process has begun. This letter informs you that your mortgage is in default and you have 30 days to cure the default. If you do not cure the default within the allotted time, your lender will file a complaint in state court. If you do not respond to the complaint, the court will grant your lender a default judgement against you. If you respond to the complaint, the case will go to trial.
  3. Foreclosure Sale: If the mortgage lender receives a judgement against you in court, your house will be sold in a foreclosure sale. Once the property is sold, you will be evicted and have no further claim to the property.

If you’d like to learn more about the foreclosure process or foreclosure defense strategies, contact us.

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