Hip Implant Defects Lead to More Recalls and Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson no longer sells its Pinnacle hip implants, but the company is still facing the consequences of injuries that resulted from the device. A Texas jury ordered concluded that Johnson & Johnson knew the metal on metal implants were defective and ordered the company to pay patients more than $1 billion in damages. The case is just the latest ruling in a series of hip replacement lawsuits that have followed a string of hip implant recalls. Johnson and Johnson faces nearly 9,000 lawsuits alone, according Reuters. But hip implants made by other medical device manufacturers are now also coming under scrutiny…

IVC Filter Complications

Patients who have a medical condition that affects how their blood clots face the risk that these clots make their way to the lungs, where they can form a blockage. This serious more condition, called a pulmonary embolism, can be fatal. A filter implanted in the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, can mitigate these risks. IVC filters were designed to trap blood clots before they can block the arteries in the lungs. But these devices can also cause complications of their own. Patients who have had problems with IVC filters may have grounds for a lawsuit calling for the expertise of a lawyer who has expertise in recall litigation and medical device settlements…

Hernia Surgical Mesh Lawsuit Lawyer

While there is very little doubt that when it comes to helping patients overcome a hernia, the surgical mesh that is used in these surgeries is very important, the companies that make the mesh should not be getting a free pass. This is why Atrium Medical Corp.’s C-Qur line Hernia Surgical Mesh lawsuits where people have hired a lawyer.

Essure® Injury Lawsuit

Women have a number of birth control options, but one intended to offer a permanent effect is Essure. The device is a surgical implant, and when placed correctly it works. The Food and Drug Administration approved the product in 2002. But in far too many cases, Essure’s placement leads to serious injury, infection, and even death. The number of such Essure birth control device complications may qualify for inclusion in a class action lawsuit…

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