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While there is very little doubt that when it comes to helping patients overcome a hernia, the surgical mesh that is used in these surgeries is very important, the companies that make the mesh should not be getting a free pass. This is why Atrium Medical Corp.’s C-Qur line Hernia Surgical Mesh lawsuits where people have hired a lawyer.

The lawsuits are alleging that not only was this particular mesh defective, but there appears to be less and less reasons why somebody would use this mesh at all. As Lawyers and Settlements recently reported, more and more studies are showing the risks of having this kind of mesh implanted in order to repair hernias might outweigh the benefits by a significant margin.

Hernia Surgical Mesh

Despite those reports, there are still plenty of doctors who have taken to relying on the surgical mesh as a kind of “fix it and forget it” approach to a very serious medical condition. The publication quoted one woman who clearly reported she was having problems, but her doctor shrugged them off as her worrying too much. “The day after my hernia surgery I felt pain but my doctor told me it would go away. Wrong. I had to have another surgery and they found the mesh all caught up in my intestines. That was two years ago and I get spasms in my abdomen all the time.”

If you feel as though your own hernia mesh surgery has not turned out the way you had hoped, and you need to contact a lawyer in order to get help, then you need to contact us and get top of the line expert assistance.

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