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When finalizing your residential or commercial real estate closing, you want a marketable title, free from debts and other defects. At the Weston law offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., we represent businesses, corporations, and individuals throughout every county in Florida. We will make sure you know what you are getting from your real estate closing and your title is protected.

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You never want to accept a deed from a previous owner without a thorough examination of the property and title. We will investigate the entire legal history of the title, including previous owners of record, prior deeds, mortgages, court judgments, probate proceedings, foreclosures, and liens. It is important to understand the entire history of any title in order to make sure it will be completely clear once it is under your name.

We offer Client Legal Counsel and real estate closing services. At the law offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., we complete all commercial and residential real estate closings through the World Title Company, which is owned by the firm. We are able to help both businesses and individuals in South Florida with a variety of real estate closings and title concerns:

Residential real estate closings
Commercial real estate closings
Home equity lines
Escrow Funds

Title Problems After Your Real Estate Closing?

If you find a defect in the title after the closing of your home, we may help you take action in order to make sure your rights are protected. Lost or forged deeds, claims of undisclosed heirs, instruments signed by minors, and other title defects could put your ownership in jeopardy. While prevention may be the best cure, there is always action you can take to protect your property rights.

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Real estate closings can be complicated. Whether you are involved in a residential or commercial purchase or sale, you want to make sure your title is clean. At the Weston offices of Jonathan Kline and the World Title Company, we will help you through the entire process. We are open during weekly business hours and available for appointments any time. Contact us today for a free initial phone consultation.

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