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At the Weston law offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., we represent borrowers and homeowners defending them in their mortgage foreclosure defense proceedings. Whether you are dealing with an individual or a business, a lawyer familiar with Florida real estate law can help you navigate through the entire mortgage foreclosure defense process.

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Representing borrowers in mortgage foreclosures in state and federal courts, we are able to litigate and provide a legal defense in your mortgage foreclosure defense proceedings.

Florida Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline 

Here is a best case scenario timeline of the mortgage foreclosure proceedings for lenders, banks, and financial institutions in Florida:

Judicial Foreclosure Days Days for Each Step Total Days
File Received 1 1
Receive Title Work 4 5
Examine Title Work 2 7
Complaint Filed 3 10
Service of Process Completed on All Defendants 25 35
Send Client Affidavit of Amount Due 5 40
Receive Affidavit of Amount Due 15 55
File Motion for Judgment 10 65
Judgment Entered and Sale Set at Hearing 35 100
Advertising Complete 28 128
Receive Bid from Client 2 130
Sale Held 5 135
Certificate of Title Issued 15 150

This timeline is optimum and assumes no delays. It is based upon an uncontested foreclosure action that is referred with all necessary documents and with all necessary assignments previously recorded.

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No borrower or homeowner should endure foreclosure proceedings without the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer. At the law offices of Jonathan Kline, P.A., we will help you through the process and respond as quickly as possible. Serving borrowers and homeowners throughout Florida, we are open during weekly business hours. Contact us today for more information about our mortgage foreclosure defense work.

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