It seems as though everyone falls on hard times sometime throughout their lives. Receiving a foreclosure statement on your home, though, tends to make the problem even worse. It does not, however, need to be considered a death sentence for your home. There are some things to consider before allowing your home to be taken from you. Below are some tips to keeping your home, even with a foreclosure bearing down on you.

  1. Talk to a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer – This is what we are here to do. We are on your side, and are trying to help you keep your home. Once you have contacted your defense lawyer, we will work to develop the best strategy to keep everyone happy.
  2. Consider A Loan Modification – Missing mortgage payments is what may have gotten you into this situation, but it isn’t the end all. Work with your lawyer to come up with a loan modification so that you can work your way back into the black. Reducing your monthly payments will make it easier to pay them, releasing some of the stress from yourself as well. This process, however, is a long and arduous one. Many times a loan modification application is denied, or delayed long enough that your home will go into foreclosure. It helps to have your defense lawyer on your side to help navigate this process.
  3. Mediation – When the bank denies your loan modification application, you may be told there are no other options. This isn’t necessarily true. You can go through a mediation process with the bank and try to work through the issues through negotiation. In this case, it is imperative that you have a foreclosure defense lawyer on your side to make sure you can have a successful mediation.
  4. Bankruptcy – And then, if all else fails, you can consider filing for bankruptcy. Not everyone needs to do so, nor it is an option for all facing foreclosure. However, there are bankruptcy courses that can be explored if the need arises.

Find yourself a foreclosure defense lawyer and speak about all the options available to you. Hard times do not need to call for desperate measures, just smart ones. Contact us for more information regarding your foreclosure defense.

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